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24 ago. 2017

Top-Class chocolate making machines and equipments‎. High quality, good price.

  We are the manufacturers of high-class professional equipment for making artisan and craft chocolate.  
Using our equipment you will be able to convey in your chocolate the finest shades of flavor of aromatic cocoa beans!
In addition to chocolate (white, milk and dark) using our equipment you can perfectly prepare: praline, nut and seed pastes, ganache, raw and eco products!
There is no need to purchase pregrinders, grinders, mixers, refiners and conchers. All is easy produced within hours - right from the cocoa beans/liquor just in one Allure Melanger!
Our quality is confirmed by European certificates, which are also valid in the USA.
We have 18-months guarantee for our production and a post-warranty program providing discounts to the spare parts for the machines older than 36 months.

Find below the technical information and prices based on ex-works conditions of delivery:

LAST CALL BEFORE THE PRICE INCREASE! Сurrent prices will be retained ONLY until the end of August!

   Looking forward to hear from you!
+79653113668, +74959894290
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